One of the features that we’re starting to see catch on these days is the introduction of reverse wireless charging. Huawei introduced this in their handset and if the rumors are true, Samsung could be introducing a similar feature to the upcoming Galaxy S10 handset as well, so it’s not surprising that Apple could be exploring the idea too.

According to a recently discovered patent by Patently Apple, it seems that Apple is looking into the idea of introducing reverse wireless charging across its products. The patent shows various diagrams of how the wireless charging system could be built into Apple products, such as into a MacBook laptop, where users can leave their Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone on it and it will charge up.

However given that this is a patent, there’s no telling if Apple will actually make this a reality. We do know that the company is interested in wireless charging technology with the AirPower, and in the past we’ve also seen Apple explore different methods of “true” wireless charging by harnessing radio waves.

In any case this is an intriguing idea and we wouldn’t mind if in the future, MacBook laptops or iMac stands can also double up as a wireless charging platform.

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