Disney’s upcoming streaming service Disney+ is expected to play home to exclusive Disney content, which is probably going to be one of its selling points. However it seems that at launch, Disney could be including some non-Disney content which could be used to help populate the company’s catalogue for now.


This was confirmed by Disney’s CEO Bob Iger during the company’s earnings call where it was revealed that they had already licensed a CBS show for the upcoming service. However it is unclear if this could be a permanent thing or if like we said, will only be used to help fill the gaps while Disney works on populating its catalogue with their own show.

According to Iger, he stated that for the long-term the company will be focusing on its internally-sourced programming. So far not much is known about how Disney+ will operate. We know that it will play home to Disney shows, shows from Marvel and Star Wars, and that’s about it. There is no word on pricing or when it will launch, and its availability upon launch.

So far Disney’s plan to launch their own streaming service has affected other companies such as Netflix who will no longer receive Disney movies for its catalogue. It has also resulted in Netflix cancelling a bunch of its own original Marvel shows.

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