If you collaborate on Dropbox with a handful of users, it can be pretty easy to manage. However if you’re looking to collaborate with more users, like if you work at a huge organization, then things can get a bit messy, but Dropbox is hoping to address that by announcing a new feature in the form of Multi-Team Admin.

According to Dropbox, “This feature will give large organizations centralized controls they need to keep their work flowing and is especially valuable for many customers whose businesses have grown in scale. It allows them to manage multiple Dropbox Business teams by giving various departments admin privileges to sync and update their Business accounts without having to sign in and out repeatedly, addressing some of the major pain points that customers have shared with us.”

This feature is aimed primarily at Dropbox Business users where for example if your company has multiple divisions, and each division has their own account, Multi-Team Admin will allow those admins to grant admin rights to a central company IT team who can then track activity across all business accounts.

The feature should already be live for Dropbox Business users who are enrolled in the early access program, but for those who aren’t, then expect to be able to access it come 27th of February.

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