Back in the day, being on Facebook was considered to be the “in” thing, but these days it’s starting to feel like not being on Facebook might be a better idea. The company has suffered from a scarily amount of privacy scandals, where it has been reported that they could be facing a multibillion-dollar fine from the FTC.


If you thought that 2019 would represent a fresh start for Facebook, think again because according to a new report, it seems that Facebook has been accused of revealing sensitive health data in groups. The complaint was originally filed with the FTC last month but it has since been made public.

The complaint alleges that Facebook had improperly disclosed information on members of closed groups, where members of a group for women with a gene mutation called BRCA discovered sensitive information on themselves, such as their names and email addresses, floating about freely available on the web.

According to the complaint, “Facebook has ignored our requests to fix the specific issues we have identified to the company, and denies publicly that any problem exists. All of this represents unfair, deceptive and misleading interactions between Facebook and its users in violation of the FTC act.” Facebook has yet to officially respond to the complaint.

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