HTC has unveiled a new version of its standalone Vive Focus headset. The Vive Focus Plus comes with an updated pair of HTC’s motion controllers which the company first launched as developer hardware in October last year. The original controllers had three degrees of freedom support while the new ones have support for six.

The Vive Focus Plus controllers have six degrees of freedom support which means that the controllers can be tracked as they move around instead of just when they’re rotating on the spot.

The updates that HTC has made to the headset and controller put the Vive Focus Plus in competition with the Oculus Quest, a new standalone headset that the Facebook-owned company is due to launch in a couple of months. It also comes with a pair of controllers with Facebook saying that they will be capable of “arena-scale” tracking.

Other than the controllers, the Vive Focus Plus also supports six degrees of freedom tracking, runs on the Snapdragon 835 platform and has a 2880×1600 pixel resolution AMOLED display. It’s powered by the Vive Wave platform with users being able to download VR content from the Viveport online store. HTC hasn’t confirmed the pricing for the Vive Focus Plus as yet.

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