Several years ago, Google’s Gmail team launched a new email platform called Inbox. The idea with Inbox was to help users achieve inbox zero, where all emails would be sorted and cleared from the main inbox, thus allowing users to focus on incoming emails that actually matter. It was also smart enough to sort emails based on its content, such as trips, purchases, and more.


Unfortunately for Inbox users, Google announced that the service would be shut down this year, and are sending out notifications to users to remind them to switch back to Gmail. Now if you’re a fan of some of Inbox’s features, you might be interested to learn that in a post on Reddit, u/moodio has spotted what appears to be Google testing out bringing some Inbox features over to Gmail.

Moodio claims to have received the screenshot from a friend which shows Gmail sporting features like pinned messages, category bundles, reminders, and so on. Apparently this is still in the early phases of testing as there is still plenty of work that needs to be done with regards to the feature, so what you see in the screenshot might not be the final version.

It was also suggested that this could be unveiled at Google I/O which is scheduled to take place this May. It would be nice to see some of Inbox’s features brought over to Gmail so if you are an Inbox fan, this could be something to look forward to.

Image credit – Moodio/Reddit

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