Lawsuit Alleges That Apple Bricks Its Own iPhone Chargers

While companies like Apple make most of their money from customers buying their main products, they also make money by selling accessories for their products like cables, chargers, and so on. However it seems that some feel that Apple might be running some kind of scheme where they intentionally brick their chargers so that customers are forced to buy new ones.

According to the lawsuit, it says that in November 2016, “thousands” of iPhone owners began to experience issues with their iPhone chargers where their devices no longer recognized or accepted the chargers. This meant that customers who were faced with such issues are more or less forced to buy new chargers if they wish to keep their devices juiced up.

It is unclear how accurate these claims are although it’s hard to imagine Apple being petty enough to brick their chargers. However given that Apple was previously caught throttling their iPhones, we suppose there might be some who are seeing some kind of connection here. However in the event of the iPhone throttling, Apple claimed that this was due to degrading batteries that affected the performance, and not because they wanted users to upgrade their devices (although presumably it might have been implied).

Apple has yet to officially respond to the lawsuit, but devices not recognizing chargers isn’t new, especially with third-party accessories that might not be officially licensed.

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