5G is largely expected to become the next standard in mobile connectivity for our mobile devices, but Qualcomm believes that due to the changes and improvements, it could be used outside of mobile devices. At MWC 2019, the company has announced new 5G networking chips designed for use outside of smartphones.

The company has announced that they are working with Rakuten’s mobile division to supply 5G chips for networking gear that the retailer will be rolling out in Japan. In addition to that, Qualcomm is also envisioning how 5G chips could be used for computers which would allow them to hook onto 5G networks, making it easier to stay connected when WiFi isn’t available. We’ve already seen laptops that support 4G, and while it’s not particularly common, it is available, so the support for 5G doesn’t really come as a surprise.

Qualcomm also believes that 5G has a place in cars, where they have announced a new set of chips aimed at automakers. Qualcomm already makes chips for cars that help them connect to the internet, but it is believed that the 5G chips will not only connect cars to the internet, but allow them to communicate with other cars and objects, like traffic lights, which should help improve self-driving cars.

Qualcomm is not alone in envisioning 5G for use beyond mobile. Recently we’ve seen how 5G was used to conduct remote surgery in China, and companies such as Disney and Verizon are also looking into the use of 5G in the entertainment field.

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