5G will represent the next generation in mobile internet connectivity. However it seems that some of the advantages offered up by 5G could mean much more than simply faster internet speeds on our phones. In fact some are already starting to use 5G in place of WiFi, with some companies also creating routers with 5G support.

Now according to a report from Variety, Disney StudioLab and Verizon are also exploring 5G and how it might fit into the entertainment world. This partnership was announced at CES 2019 this week where both companies are coming up with ideas on how 5G could be used. One of the examples that Disney gave was how 5G could allow movie projects to be worked on even in very remote locations.

The speeds offered up by 5G are also expected to facilitate faster downloads where a movie could be downloaded in about 10 seconds at speeds of 300Mbps. This is versus 4G which at 20Mbps would take several minutes. Verizon vice president of 5G ecosystems and innovation Sanyogita Shamsunder also suggested that 5G would make it ideal for other technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality, both of which require low latencies.

It will be interesting to see how 5G could be used beyond just our smartphones and being simply seen as just “faster internet”. Carriers have already begun their roll out of 5G hotspots back in 2018, and handset manufacturers are also expected to start introducing 5G capable smartphones this year.

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