If you use Waze on your iPhone, you might be interested in the latest update to the app in which it finally adds support for Siri Shortcuts. What this means is that with Siri Shortcuts, users will be able to record shortcuts for their drive home, drive to work, drive to their favorite locations, and more, all with a simple voice command to Siri.

For those unfamiliar with how Siri Shortcuts works, this is a new feature that Apple introduced in iOS 12. Siri Shortcuts kind of acts like a macro editor of sorts, where users will be able to pull off a bunch of commands with a single voice command or a tap of a button. The feature allows users to create their own scripts which they can then share with other users.

Apps have been slowly adding their support for Siri Shortcuts ever since the feature was released. However according to a recent report, a developer has warned how Siri Shortcuts could be used to steal user information in the form of malicious scripts. Given that Apple does not screen the scripts created and shared by users, there is no oversight like the iOS App Store.

Thankfully there haven’t been reports of users having their information stolen through these scripts, but it’s probably a best idea not to simply install scripts that you find on the web.

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