Recently it was revealed that Microsoft could be considering bringing its Xbox Live service onto the Nintendo Switch. While Microsoft seems to be open to the idea of cross-platform play, bringing Xbox Live to the Switch (and other platforms) would represent a huge shift in the console landscape.

Now according to a report from Direct Feed Games (see video above), it seems that in addition to Xbox Live, Microsoft could also be looking to bring Xbox Game Pass to the Switch. What this means is that in theory, Switch gamers could pay a subscription for Xbox Game Pass and gain access to various Xbox games in Microsoft’s catalogue.

So how will Xbox games play on the Switch, you ask? According to the report, this will apparently rely on Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming platform where gamers will be able to stream Xbox One games onto their console. This would solve any hardware compatibility issues as most of the computing will be done on a server elsewhere, and all users would need is a good internet connection.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft would not be the first to attempt to leverage the use of game streaming to bring games onto the Switch. Previously we saw Capcom use game streaming to bring Resident Evil 7 onto the Switch, and later Ubisoft did the same for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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