At MWC 2019, Xiaomi launched a couple of new phones such as the Mi 9 and the Mi Mix 3 5G. However if there was one type of device missing from Xiaomi’s lineup, it would be a foldable device. We say that this is a bit odd as other companies such as Samsung and Huawei were more than happy to launch such devices.


Unfortunately for those hoping to see Xiaomi launch a foldable phone, it appears that the company will be holding off for now. This is according to Donovan Sung, the company’s global spokesperson and director of product management who spoke to VentureBeat in an interview where he discussed some of Xiaomi’s plans for the future.

According to Sung, it seems that Xiaomi is waiting for the market to mature a bit before they launch their foldable handset. “In terms of the specific launch time for this, I think we’d want to wait for it to be more mature before we announce that. But rest assured, we are trying a variety of different foldable concepts.”

We know some might be surprised because it wasn’t too long ago that Xiaomi’s president uploaded a video showing him using a foldable handset. However it could be similar to what Oppo has done, where the company does have a working prototype but are waiting for the market to mature or for demand to increase before forging ahead with its production.

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