Xiaomi is a company that many of you might know as a smartphone manufacturer. However the company also dabbles in a variety of products that aren’t smartphone related, such as table lamps, kettles, screwdrivers, air purifiers, and so on. Now it looks like Xiaomi wants to take on te likes of Amazon and Google by launching the XiaoAI Touchscreen.


This seems to be the company’s answer to Amazon and Google’s smart speakers, like the Echo Show and the Google Home Hub, except that it will feature Xiaomi’s own digital assistant, or at least that’s what we’re assuming. This is because Xiaomi hasn’t really shared much details about the device, save for the fact that they are working on it.

However it is expected that this device will be capable of controlling Xiaomi’s own smart home products, and because it has a display, it will also be able to double up as a digital clock that you can put next to your bed. It will also be able to play video from a variety of Chinese sources, and it is unclear if YouTube might be in the cards.

No word on pricing or availability yet, but Xiaomi is expected to begin the open beta next week, so it could be a while before we see it released to the market.

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