We’re sure many of you have encountered the “offline” page in Google’s Chrome browser in the past. This occurs when you aren’t connected to the internet and are trying to load a website. The cute mascot representing this offline page is a pixelated dinosaur where users can actually activate a hidden game which is an endless runner where the goal is to avoid running into the cactus plants.

If you thought that the dinosaur was cute, you might be interested to learn that Dead Zebra has brought the dinosaur to “life”. This comes in the form of a toy where users can purchase the pixelated T-Rex and the cacti along with a backdrop depicting Chrome’s offline page. Obviously there is no game here, but hey, if you want to make the dinosaur jump over the plants, we’re not judging.

The dinosaur set will be priced at $24 which is not too bad and will be available for purchase starting on the 11th of March, 2019. “We designed this set for Google to celebrate 10 years of the Chrome browser! If you’ve ever lost internet while using Chrome you may have been introduced to the pixelly prehistoric cacti-hopping, pterodactyl-dodging adventures of the Chrome Dino. Previously only available within the company, we will have some sets available for public sale soon!”

We’re not sure if this will be a limited sales item but if you’d rather not take that risk, mark your calendars for tomorrow if you’d like to purchase it and display it on your desk.

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