Back in the early days of the internet where interactive content was starting to become popular on websites, Adobe’s Flash was the darling of the industry where pretty much every website attempted to incorporate its use, whether it be for site navigation, embedding videos, or even creating games.

These days Flash has lost much of its popularity, where Adobe even announced a couple of years ago that they would eventually be ceasing development of Flash Player by the end of 2020. So much so that it has since been revealed that come July, Google’s Chrome browser will be fully disabling Flash on websites and also warning users of Flash Player’s deprecation in a “loud” way.

Google had previously announced their plans to start phasing out Flash from Chrome and this appears to be their next step. At the moment Chrome still allows users to use Flash, but Flash is disabled by default and users will need to manually enable it each time they launch the browser. However starting with Chrome 76, Flash Player will be disabled completely.

It can still be run, but users will need to dive into the Settings menu to do so, with the idea being that by making it harder, developers will start to move towards using HTMl5 or newer tech in place of Flash.

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