If you haven’t updated your Google Chrome browser yet, you will want to do so ASAP. This is because Google has recently issued an update to its Chrome browser where it patched a zero-day exploit. This is particularly urgent because according to Google, there is some evidence that malicious parties are actively exploiting it.


This will be applicable to almost all versions of Chrome, such as the one on Windows ,macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, and Android. For versions of Chrome on the desktop, the browser usually comes with a built-in updater feature that automatically updates the browser while it is being used, and all users need to launch is relaunch it to apply the changes. This means that the next time you launch Chrome you should be all good to go, but updating it now might be a better idea if you can spare the time.

The update should bump your version of Chrome up to version 72.0.3626.121. If you are still using an older build, you can go to chrome://settings/help to try and manually initiate the update. After that the update should be installed and apply the patch and you should be good to go once the browser has been relaunched.

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