Last year Google announced that together with its Material Design for Gmail, they would also be introducing a Confidential Mode to its email platform. Basically with emails sent using Confidential Mode, it prevents the email from being copied, downloaded, printed, or forwarded, thus ensuring that the conversation stays between users.


Now according to Google, it seems that the feature, which was previously only available for consumers, will be making its way to G Suite enterprise users. According to Google, they will be kicking it off by launching a beta program where users will be able to take part in it to test out the feature ahead of its launch.

According to Google, “Built-in Information Rights Management (IRM) removes the option to forward, copy, download or print messages. This helps reduce the risk of confidential information being accidentally shared with the wrong people. In addition to protecting sensitive content in your emails by creating expiration dates, you can also require additional authentication via text message to view an email. This makes it possible to protect data even if a recipient’s email account has been hijacked while the message is active.”

There is no word on when Google plans on rolling out the feature in full, but if you’re a G Suite enterprise user then it is worth keeping an eye out for.

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