Dropbox has quietly made a change that’s going to affect all of its users who are on the free plan. It no longer allows unlimited device linking for free accounts. This means that unless users upgrade to one of its paid plans which start at just over $8 per month, they will be restricted to three devices for a single account.

Dropbox actually rolled out this change earlier this month and it has gone unnoticed for some time. The folks at Liliputing spotted it and more information from Dropbox reveals that users who linked more than three devices to their free plan before March 2019 won’t be affected by this change. They will retain all of the devices they linked to their account prior to this month.

This will irk new users or existing users who want to add another device, for example, when they get a new phone or computer. They won’t be allowed to add more even if they have more than three previously linked devices.

New users will obviously not be able to go over the three device limit at all. Mobile devices and PC all make up the count, so if you have a PC, phone, and tablet linked to an account, your limit is up. This is evidently a move by Dropbox to entice people to pay for its premium plans which are an important source of revenue for the company.

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