Recently Google had confirmed that Inbox by Gmail will be shutting down on the 2nd of April, around two weeks from now. It seems that Google is now working to try and remove all traces of the platform’s existence from the internet, or at least as much as possible because according to reports, users can no longer find the app in the Play Store.


This doesn’t mean that the app has been removed completely. Instead it seems that while Google has removed it from being listed on the Play Store and users can no longer search for it, a direct link to the app shows that it is still very much in existence, although presumably Google no longer wants users to download the app at this stage in the game.

It is a bit of a pity as Inbox by Gmail seems to have been quite a fan favorite. For those unfamiliar with Inbox by Gmail, this is an email platform launched by Google several years ago that tried to help users better manage their emails. This included the ability to snooze emails, set reminders for emails, and automatically bundle emails together for easier reference and viewing, especially for trips/holidays.

We’re not sure why Google decided to end the service especially since based on the comments, everyone is pretty sad to see it go. Maybe Google will come up with something new and improved in the future, but until then, we guess users will just have to start getting used to Gmail again.

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