Keurig is well known for its single serve pod-based coffee machines. Other companies like Nespresso have similar coffee machines on the market as well. It’s a formula that has worked well for these companies as they sell the machines and then continue to make money by selling customers single-use pods. LG wants to employ the same formula for ice cream, it seems. The company showed off a prototype of a pod-based frozen dessert machine called the LG Snow White at the SXSW 2019 in Austin, Texas.


Much like pod-based coffee machines, the LG Snow White will use special pods. It will then be able to create a variety of frozen desserts including but not limited to ice cream, gelato, sorbets, and even frozen yogurt. LG is no stranger to such hardware. Some of you may recall that the company unveiled the LG HomeBrew at CES 2019. The machine lets users make craft beer from single use pods.

The machine will take in two pods, one for the type of dessert the user wants and the other for the flavor they desire. This will enable the machine to even create things like granita and frozen custards. Once they have made their desired dessert, a cleaning pod will be used to wash the entire system so that it’s ready to make the next treat.

There are no shortage of machines that allow you to make ice cream and other frozen desserts at home but none will be as simple as this pod-based machine. You don’t have to come up with your own recipe or even follow an existing recipe. Just drop the pods and let Snow White do its thing.

LG did mention that the Snow White is a prototype at this stage so there’s no saying if and when this will actually be marketed as a consumer product.

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