The Apple Pencil stylus was initially only supported on the iPad Pro, but since last year, the company started to include support for its cheaper iPads. However the same couldn’t be said for cheaper third-party alternatives, like the Logitech Crayon stylus which only worked with the cheaper iPads and not the iPad Pro.

This meant that for customers who’d rather not pay over $100 for the Apple Pencil for their iPad Pro didn’t really have that much choice. However the good news is that it looks like Apple has since had a change of heart. According to a report from Jason Snell of Macworld, it appears that in the upcoming iOS 12.2 update, Apple will be adding support for the Logitech Crayon for the iPad Pros.

While the Crayon isn’t the same as the Apple Pencil, there are some who actually prefer it over the Apple Pencil. This is due to the fact that it is bigger which makes it easier to hold, and it also proximity based which means that you can use it on multiple iPads at once. It also has a huge advantage based on the fact that it is cheaper at $70 versus the $129 price tag of the Apple Pencil.

If you’re not too fussed about having the Apple Pencil and would prefer saving yourself $60, then iOS 12.2 could be worth looking out for.

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