Unlike our desktop websites where if you use browsers like Chrome, it will come with a built-in translation feature, or you could simply copy the URL and take it to Google Translate to have it translated to whatever language you want. While translating on mobile is more than possible, Microsoft is making it easier for users with its Edge browser.


The company has recently issued an update for its Edge browser for iOS devices where it will now come with an instant translation feature. What this means is that when you’re browsing the web and come across a page that’s in a different language than yours, you should receive a popup notification asking users if they want that page translated for them.

This will function similarly to how Google Translate works on your desktop, where you will be given the option to view the website in its original language again if you choose, or view the translated version. The update will enable the translation by default in your settings, but you will be able to disable it if you’d rather not. The update should already be live so head on over to the iOS App Store to get it if you haven’t done so already.

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