We’re sure that some of you might be familiar with the Bluetooth accessory Tile. For those who aren’t, Tile is a tiny Bluetooth accessory that can be put onto a keychain or slipped into a bag and used to keep track of your items. It can also be used to alert users when their item moves out of their range.

It’s an intriguing accessory, and now it looks like Apple wants to create something similar. This is according to a report from 9to5Mac who claims that Apple is developing its own Tile-like tracking hardware. It is expected to act similarly to Tile, except that it will be paired to the user’s iCloud account by proximity to an iPhone.

It will be able to notify users when their device gets too far away from the tag, but at the same time, users will also be able to define their own locations that will prevent notifications from popping up. This means that if there are places you don’t want the tag to alert you when your device goes out of range, you can set it as such. Users will also be able to share this tag with friends and family members.

It does seem like an odd accessory for Apple to make, but apparently this is part of the company’s plan to revamp its Find My Friends and Find My iPhone features in a unified app. No word on when the device or app might launch, but hopefully Apple will have more information to share at WWDC 2019.

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