Incognito Mode is meant to allow for private browsing but it has been possible for websites to track if the visitor is using the mode or not. Google has now made it impossible for websites to do that. However, this functionality is disabled by default in the latest Chrome version and has to be manually enabled.


Google has released Chrome 74 for supported platforms. The release brings a variety of new features to the popular browser. They include motion reduction for limiting motion sickness with parallax scrolling, zooming, and various other motion effects.

Chrome also gets improved functionality for picture-in-picture video. The Incognito feature hasn’t been completely rolled out yet so it has to be enabled manually. Just go to chrome://flags/ in a new window and then enable the Filesystem API. Once done, it will no longer let websites track whether the user is in Incognito mode or not.

The dark mode which was rolled out on macOS last month with Chrome 73 is now out for Windows with this latest release. The mode makes Chrome automatically match the theme if the user has dark mode enabled on Windows 10. The regular Chrome windows will then look similar to the ones in Incognito Mode. This hasn’t been fully rolled out as yet too but the company will do that in the coming days.

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