LG was supposed to release its first 5G phone in its home country of South Korea this month. Given that its rival Samsung has already put the Galaxy S10 5G on the market in the country, many were looking towards LG to respond. The company has responded, but it’s actually delaying the launch of the LG V50 ThinQ.

LG has confirmed in a statement that it’s delaying the launch of the LG V50 ThinQ previously scheduled for April 19th in order to focus on the “completeness” of the device. The company is working closely with Qualcomm, which manufactures the 5G modem, and mobile operators in South Korea for this purpose. LG is going to confirm the release date for this handset later.

There’s no saying at this point in time just how long it might be before LG releases its first 5G smartphone in its home country. It may have decided to take more time to concentrate on the completeness of the device following reports from some Galaxy S10 5G owners that their units were having issues when trying to go down to the 4G LTE network.

The LG V50 ThinQ is also supposed to arrive in the United States. It’s not known what this delay means for the U.S. launch of this device which has been confirmed for this spring as a Sprint exclusive. Verizon will eventually sell it as well in the summer. Sprint’s mobile 5G network won’t go live until May, though, so LG doesn’t have to rush things in this market.

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