As many of you know, it is illegal to drive while using your smartphone. However, a man by the name of Jason Stiber has decided to fight the ticket that was given to him in court, and after a long 13-month legal battle and what could possibly have amounted to thousands of dollars in legal fees, he has cleared his good name.


According to the judge presiding over the case, Stiber was found not guilty of distracted driving. For those who are wondering what happened, in 2018, Stiber was pulled over by the police for allegedly drive while distracted. The police had claimed that Stiber had an object next to his face that they claimed was a cellphone. Stiber, on the other hand, insisted that he was simply eating a hash brown.

Unwilling to pay the $300 ticket, which essentially would cement his “guilt”, Stiber decided to fight the ticket and through a Freedom of Information Act request, he managed to get his hands on records that proved that the officer that pulled him over was working the 15th hour of a 16-hour shift. Stiber argued that this meant that the officer’s judgement could have been impaired as a result of having worked for such a long shift.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Stiber spoke of his victory, “That’s why I did it, because I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this. Other people don’t have the means to defend themselves in the same way.”

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