All-electric vehicles are gradually becoming more popular among consumers even though they still account for a small percentage of the total market in the United States. The latest analysis by IHS Markit shows that new registrations for electric vehicles have doubled in the United States since last year.


More than 208,000 new electric vehicles were registered in the United States last year. That’s double the vehicles that were registered in 2017, according to IHS. The growth in new electric vehicle registrations was largely concentrated in California and the nine other states which have adopted the Zero Emission Vehicle program.

California was actually the first state to launch the program which regulates that car manufacturers sell electric cars and trucks in that state. To that end, nearly 46 percent of 95,000 of the new electric vehicle registrations in 2018 were filed in California. The state also has 59 percent of the market share of registered electric vehicles in the country.

It’s now expected that more than 350,000 new electric vehicles will be sold in the country in 2020. EVs will still account for only 2 percent of the market in the U.S. but considerable growth is forecasted for the coming years, up to 7 percent share by 2025 as more car manufacturers start selling EVs.

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