A couple of weeks ago following the speculation that Apple’s 5G iPhones could be delayed to 2021 due to their apparent difficulty in sourcing components. Intel was said to be the company to supply Apple with 5G modems, and the company came forward to claim that everything was going according to plan.

However, just a week after their announcement, Intel made another (shocking) announcement, and this time it was about the company deciding to give up on its 5G modem project. Now according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the company has since confirmed that their decision was a direct result of Apple and Qualcomm settling their lawsuit, with Qualcomm now expected to supply the tech to Apple for their 5G needs.

According to Intel’s CEO Bob Swan, “In light of the announcement of Apple and Qualcomm, we assessed the prospects for us to make money while delivering this technology for smartphones and concluded at the time that we just didn’t see a path.” For the past few years, Intel has been supplying modems to Apple, and while the company is expected to continue to do so for LTE mobile devices, it appears that they will be skipping on 5G.

The company hasn’t had much luck with regards to mobile devices. Intel has in the past attempted to challenge Qualcomm with mobile chipsets of their own, although that did not quite take. The company then found some success by supplying modems, but with the shift now moving towards 5G, it seems that success will be shortlived.

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