Ever noticed that a teammate in an online game wasn’t contributing enough and was merely there to leech on the team’s overall success? Apex Legends players will no longer face this problem soon. The popular battle royale title will ban players who leech on their team’s success and don’t contribute to it.


Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that it’s going to hand down temporary bans to players who don’t really participate in matches with their teammates but coast on their success anyway. Respawn seems to be taking a lenient issue initially with only temporary bans and this policy won’t even go into effect immediately.

It seems that the developer may use it sparingly but it does caution that permanent bans could be handed down in extreme cases. This should, at least in theory, address the piggybacking problem. This isn’t just unique to Apex Legends since players may also notice this in a lot of other battle royale titles.

Since you can’t play solo in Apex Legends, the reward system is based on leveling up and it can be hard to do that if you don’t win as often and don’t want to pay any real money. That’s where the temptation to do the absolute bare minimum to gain experience comes from. Whether this ban helps Respawn get a handle on this problem remains to be seen.

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