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Apex Legends Officially Announced For Mobile
A couple of years ago, the folks at EA and Respawn Entertainment announced their take on Fortnite in the form of Apex Legends. EA later revealed that they were looking into the possibility that the game could eventually find its way onto mobile devices, and nearly two years later, our wishes have come true.

Apex Legends Will Be Coming To The Switch With Support For Crossplay
With all the popularity and hype surrounding battle royale style games like Fortnite, it didn’t really come as a surprise when EA eventually announced their own game, Apex Legends. The game has been out for a while now and has been available on platforms like the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Man Hijacks Portland Airport Monitor To Play PS4 Game
We know what it is like to be bored at the Airport with nothing to do but wait.However, a gamer thought it would be cool to plug in his PS4 to one of the monitors at the Airport to play “Apex Legends” as reported by The Oregonian.The incident took place on Thursday when one of the monitors at the Airport that displayed important information (reportedly, the map of the Airport) […]

Apex Legends Keyboard-Mouse Cheaters On Console Put On Notice
Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has put keyboard-mouse cheaters on console on notice. The developer says that it has methods of finding out players that take advantages of this control scheme and have also pointed out that this isn’t something that they’re happy with.


Apex Legends Cheaters Will Be Matched With Other Cheaters
Cheaters who use bots to improve their performance in competitive games ruin the experience for everyone since they don’t want to play fair. Developers have a zero tolerance policy for cheaters and will waste no time in banning them. However, Apex Legends’ developer Respawn has another idea. It’s matching cheaters with other cheaters.

Apex Legends Players Won't Be Allowed To Leech On Team Success
Ever noticed that a teammate in an online game wasn’t contributing enough and was merely there to leech on the team’s overall success? Apex Legends players will no longer face this problem soon. The popular battle royale title will ban players who leech on their team’s success and don’t contribute to it.

EA Looking To Bring Apex Legends To Mobile
When EA first announced Apex Legends, it seemed a bit strange that the game was not announced for mobile. This is because it seemed to be a game in a similar vein to other popular mobile titles such as Fortnite and PUBG. However, the good news for fans is that yes, it looks like the game is finally coming to mobile.

Epic CEO Says Apex Legends Isn't Taking Players Away From Fortnite
Respawn’s Apex Legends battle royale title was only announced recently and it has already grown to 50 million players. It’s still far from Fortnite’s lead in this genre but many were quick to brand it as a genuine competitor to Epic’s superhit title. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has basically said that contrary to popular belief, Apex Legends hasn’t really taken players away from Fortnite.

Apex Legends Crosses 50 Million Players In One Month
Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends battle royale title has seen considerable success ever since the surprise launch of this game set in the world of Titanfall. It continues to see growth at a healthy pace so much so that EA and Respawn have now announced that merely a month after the game’s launch it now has more than 50 million players worldwide.

Apex Legends Gets A New Weapon Today
Respawn’s Apex Legends has made waves in the short period of time that it has been out. For those who are unaware, it’s a battle royale title that’s set in the world of Titanfall. It’s not a new Titanfall game by any stretch of the imagination but Respawn has set it in the world of its popular game. The battle royale title is now receiving its first piece of meaningful […]

Apex Legends Beats Fortnite’s Record For Single Day Twitch Viewing
It is unclear as to what the future holds for the Titanfall franchise, but in the meantime it seems the the franchise’s developer, Respawn, might have stumbled upon a new hit game in the form of Apex Legends. The game has not only managed to accrue millions of players over the course of days, but it seems that they might have broken a record previously set by Fortnite Battle Royale.

Apex Legends Total Players Cross 10 Million In Three Days
Apex Legends is a new battle royale title from Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment. Set in the world of its popular franchise, the developer said that it was putting a “lot on the line” by launching a battle royale game out of the blue. It has seen considerable response from players as the game racked up a million players in just eight hours after launch. Merely three days after the title […]

EA Considering Cross-Platform Support For Apex Legends
Apex Legends is a new battle royale title from Respawn set in the Titanfall universe. Given that battle royale games tend to become very popular almost instantly, it was no surprise when the game picked up 1 million players in 8 hours after its launch. EA has shed light on future plans for the title which include cross-platform support and mobile versions of Apex Legends.

Respawn’s Apex Legends Racks Up 1 Million Players In 8 Hours
Respawn, best known for their work on the Titanfall series, has recently released a free-to-play battle royale game in the form of Apex Legends which is also based on the Titanfall franchise. It turns out that despite the battle royale genre being so competitive and saturated, Respawn’s name seems to carry a bit of weight.