Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has put keyboard-mouse cheaters on console on notice. The developer says that it has methods of finding out players that take advantages of this control scheme and have also pointed out that this isn’t something that they’re happy with.


Respawn’s community manager mentioned in the latest update on the Apex Legends subreddit that “The short answer is: we don’t condone it.” The developer has been conducting tests internally to figure out which players have been using this unfair control scheme advantage on consoles.
Using a keyboard-mouse control scheme on the console allows for faster and more accurate weapon aiming. This obviously puts other players at a disadvantage who are using conventional console controllers.

The Xbox One received keyboard and mouse support back in November last year. Dedicated solutions from third-party accessory manufacturers arrived on the market soon after that. Several games have added support for this control scheme but some players have also been using the XIM Adapter which is primarily for players that need alternative control scheme. It also fools the Xbox One into thinking that a keyboard/mouse setup is a gamepad. That’s how these players get aim assist in the game.

“We’ll revisit this and talk about progress with detection and how we’ll address players that are using it in the near future,” the community manager said.

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