With all the popularity and hype surrounding battle royale style games like Fortnite, it didn’t really come as a surprise when EA eventually announced their own game, Apex Legends. The game has been out for a while now and has been available on platforms like the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

However, for Nintendo Switch gamers who might have been feeling a bit left out, you’ll be pleased to learn that EA has since announced that Apex Legends will be launching in the fall of 2020 for the Switch. Since multiplayer games are really only as good as the number of people playing them, crossplay support has also been confirmed.

What this means is that players who play on the Switch will also be able to play with other players on other platforms like the Xbox One, PS4, and the PC. This should create a larger pool of players that gamers can play against which will make it a more enjoyable experience. The launch on the Nintendo Switch also means that the game will finally be going mobile as the Switch does allow players to take it with them on the go.

We had previously heard that EA was planning to launch the game on mobile devices later this year, but the Switch could beat them to that, assuming it launches before then.

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