Cheaters who use bots to improve their performance in competitive games ruin the experience for everyone since they don’t want to play fair. Developers have a zero tolerance policy for cheaters and will waste no time in banning them. However, Apex Legends’ developer Respawn has another idea. It’s matching cheaters with other cheaters.


Respawn has provided some details in a recent developer update post on Reddit about how it’s going to about its cheater problem. It has developed auto ban technology so that players who don’t play fair are not allowed to spoil the experience for everyone else.

Respawn also mentions that it’s increasing its resources and conducting “ongoing work to adapt to new cheats.” The work it’s doing involves creating a matchmaking system which “matches detected cheaters and spammers together.”

It has been working on preventing cheaters from creating new accounts so that they can circumvent the ban as well. Some players in select regions on “high risk accounts” will now be required to log in using two factor authentication. It has been quick to clamp down on the problem, though, with more than 770,000 accounts being banned as of May this year. The developer is working on “improving detection that identifies and bans new spam accounts before they are used” as well

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