AvatarIt has been a decade since James Cameron’s Avatar movie was released. However, despite there being a 10-year gap, it is still the number one movie with the highest revenue of all time (although some believe that Avengers: Endgame could catch up). As such, we imagine that Disney definitely wants to capitalize on it with sequels.


Unfortunately, if you were hoping to see an Avatar sequel in the near future, you’d be disappointed to learn that in a tweet by CNN’s Frank Pallotta, he has revealed that based on Disney’s timeline of movies that the sequel to the 2009 Avatar movie has been delayed by a couple of years. Previously, it was reported that the movie would be released in December, 2020, but now it looks like it will only be released in 2021.

This has created a domino effect for the rest of the movies planned for the Avatar franchise, where the third title in the series will be released in 2023, the fourth in 2025, and the fifth in 2027. Yup, it looks like fans will be waiting a very, very long time before they can conclude the Avatar series.

This seems to be the same with the upcoming Star Wars movies, where the next batch of Star Wars trilogies are only expected to arrive in 2022 before concluding in 2026.

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