Drones are immensely useful tools for all kinds of things, whether it be for photography, videography, or search and rescue. However, much like most tools, they can be useful or downright hindrances depending on their users. As we have seen in the past, drones have the potential to disrupt flights by flying too close to airports which raises concerns about drones possibly crashing into the engines of planes.

DJI has attempted to try and curb these kinds of problems by introducing geofencing software to its drones where it will alert owners to areas that they cannot fly in. Now the company has announced that they will be introducing aircraft detection to its drones next year through a new feature called AirSense.

This is technology developed over 30,000 hours by DJI’s engineers. How it works is that it will attempt to detect ADS-B signals which are usually emitted by planes and helicopters, thus helping drone owners from avoiding aircrafts while flying their drones. These will only be coming to DJI’s drones next year as it will require the use of ADS-B receivers that will be installed on all new drones that weigh more than 250 grams.

In addition to being able to detect aircrafts, DJI will also be implementing other safety features such as an automatic warning system for drone pilots who fly extended distances.

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