Last year there were reports about how potential drone sightings forced the Gatwick Airport to halt its operations. Now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that recent sightings at Newark Airport might have forced operations to be temporarily halted. This is according to the FAA who confirmed that due to alleged drone sightings flying over Teterboro Airport, operations had to be temporarily halted as a result.

Operations have since resumed but it definitely highlights a problem that authorities have been having recently with drones. Due to the fact that anyone can buy a drone, it makes it incredibly accessible to anyone and everyone. While some owners might be responsible with how they use their drones, others not so much where there have been incidents where people have reported how drones have invaded their privacy by flying over their homes.

Drone companies such as DJI have tried to come up with their own solutions such as geofencing, which prevents drones from flying to certain areas like airports, government buildings, and so on. There was even a set of drone standards that was proposed, although since these standards cannot be imposed, it does make it pretty tricky.

In the meantime over in London, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports have recently acquired anti-drone systems which should hopefully prevent such incidents from happening again.

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