It seemed like Microsoft might have slightly conceded to Google when the company announced their plans to rebuild its Edge browser based on Chromium, the same platform that Google’s Chrome browser is based on. However, it seems that isn’t enough for Google because according to reports, Google still very much wants Edge users to use Chrome.


According to the reports, users of the Microsoft Edge Preview are claiming that when they are browsing YouTube in the browser, they are shown the older version of YouTube. This means that this version of YouTube is not the modern version that you’re seeing in Chrome, which lacks certain features such as dark mode.

Users who attempt to access the modern version of YouTube manually are also greeted with a message that asks them to download Chrome, stating that the Edge browser does not support it. However, in a somewhat ironic twist, the message also reads, “We support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge.”

Perhaps the Edge they’re referring to is the non-Chromium version of Edge, but either way, we’re not sure why Google has decided that this version of Edge will not support the new YouTube. Maybe it was an accident or a bug, but hopefully, in future releases, Edge users will not run into this problem.

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