Moleskine is no stranger to creating smart notebooks or just notebooks for that matter. It has made a few in the past with Evernote and Creative Cloud support. The company’s latest creation is the Dropbox Smart Notebook which, as the name suggests, can connect to your Dropbox account.

The smart notebook relies on a companion camera app which is used to send pages from the notebook to your connected Dropbox account. The Moleskine Page Camera app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It can be used to take a photo of a page in the Moleskine+ Dropbox Smart Notebook and it will then show us as a vector, image or text file in the Dropbox account.

The notebook helps in this process through the small dots that line its pages. They’re supposed to help with text recognition while there are square on the corners so that the camera can easily line up journal content.

You could achieve a somewhat similar result by simply taking a photo of a regular journal with the camera but the smart notebook does make it easier and saves an additional step of having to back it up manually. Interested customers can pick up the Moleskine+ Dropbox Smart Notebook starting today for $29.95.

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