Many might be familiar with Niantic as the developer of the popular augmented reality game, Pokemon GO. However, years before Pokemon GO became a reality, the company was actually developing another AR based game in the form of Ingress, which admittedly did not quite receive the same level of attention that Pokemon GO did.

However, it looks like Niantic is hoping to revive some interest in the franchise and have since teamed up with Netflix to launch an animated series based on it. Plans to launch the series was announced in mid-2018 and was initially pegged for a release in the later part of 2018, but it looks like it did not make it and it has instead chosen to launch in 2019.

For those who did not play Ingress, this will be a completely new experience and a new world to explore, but for those who have, you could think of this series as being an extension of sorts that lets you explore the world in a new way. There is no doubt that Niantic is hoping that those who watch and enjoy the series might want to play the game as well, thus expanding its player base.

In the meantime, Niantic is also working on a new AR game based around the Harry Potter franchise. There is no word on when the game will be released, but so far initial reviews of the beta has been largely positive.

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