Image credit – Ishan Agarwal

For years, OnePlus has been creating pretty decent handsets. While they were never really much to shout about, the fact that they offered up high-end hardware at affordable prices made them great value for money. However, it seems that the company’s days of being mediocre could soon be over.

Speaking to CNET in an interview, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was revealed that they will finally be addressing one of the weaker features of their phones: the vibration motor. Customers over the years have long complained that the vibration one the OnePlus phones have always felt a bit weak and inconsistent, leading to them missing out on notifications.

However, with the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro, Lau has confirmed that this will be an area that they will be addressing. “Our team had to rethink the internal design of the OnePlus 7 Pro, to fit inside the body without increasing the thickness of the device, which could lead to a less ergonomic feel. At the same time, we had to ensure that the haptic motor was in the right position so that the haptics would be strong, yet even across the device.”

Of course, these are just words and whether or not OnePlus can deliver remains to be seen. That being said, OnePlus is also expected to introduce a better display to the OnePlus 7 Pro. The cameras on the phone are also expected to be an improvement over its predecessors. In any case, more details are expected to be revealed next week, so check back with us then for the updates.

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