OnePlus is gearing up to launch the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro in the near future. The company has a habit of releasing teasers for its new devices to get the hype going. The latest teaser it has released on YouTube suggests that its upcoming devices may have improved water resistance.

Water resistance is quite common in smartphones these days. While recent OnePlus devices have offered some degree of water resistance, they haven’t had an official IP or ingress protection rating. That’s the industry norm for highlighting the water and dust resistant capabilities of a mobile device.

However, the teaser that OnePlus has posted for its upcoming devices suggests that the devices will have improved water resistance but not an official IP rating. The reason given for that is that it costs a lot of money to obtain an official IP certification. OnePlus doesn’t want to pay that cost and presumably passes on the cost savings to customers.

Even though a OnePlus 7 Pro handset is thrown in a bucket full of water in the teaser, which may foreshadow that the device will be able to withstand submersion for a while, OnePlus does caution that this isn’t something that customers should do with their units. It may have more details to share on the water resistance capabilities of the devices in the near future.

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