Are you looking for a fun way to spend your weekends? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that to celebrate Minecraft turning 10 years old, Microsoft has decided that you will now be able to play the original version of Minecraft directly in your browser for free. This will only be playable in creative mode, meaning that there will be no monsters for you to fight.

It also seems that gamers will be able to invite their friends to play with them, with up to nine other friends, and all users have to do is send them a link to join your game. That being said, GamesRadar does note that the browser version of Minecraft cannot be saved, so any progress you make will be gone if you close your browser window or if you reset your computer.

This probably means that if you plan on going crazy with some builds, you might want to make sure that your browser does not crash on you. We should also point out that Classic Minecraft is pretty much the original version that was launched all those years ago, and as such, some of the modern features and changes made to the game over the years will not be present.

Gamers will only have 32 different types of blocks to choose from, and oddly enough, it seems that some of the original bugs are present as well. For those who are interested, head on over to Minecraft’s website to check it out.

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