There are reasons why throwing things off an overpass is illegal. Not only is this littering, but it can cause accidents as well since drivers might not be able to see things coming and avoid them in time. More recently, it seems that a man by the name of Tim Page had narrowly avoided death after a tripod was throw off an overpass where it smashed through the windshield of his van.

According to the reports, Page was driving when suddenly a yellow and red tripod used by the California Department of Transportation crew smashed through his windshield. Page survived the accident, but not before the tripod had impaled him through his lung and came out of the other side.

Page claims, “I saw a yellow something out of the corner of my eye. When it hit the windshield, then I ducked and kind of bent over, a little late of course. And when I straightened up and looked over, that’s when I saw this through the windshield.”

The authorities claim that the tripod had been stolen from the crew and have since arrested a 32-year old man suspected of being the one behind it. He may now face a charge of attempted murder. Like we said, Page seems to be pretty lucky that he was not killed, but we imagine having a punctured lung and broken ribs is probably no picnic in the park either.

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