If you take your photography hobby seriously, chances are Peak Design might be a brand you are familiar with. The company has attempted to redesign camera accessories, like latches, straps, and also the camera bag, so it does not come as a surprise to learn that the company has also reimagined the tripod.

If you’re traveling, taking a tripod with you is hardly convenient. This is because if you want something strong and sturdy, you should probably get used to lugging a huge and heavy tripod around. The alternative are smaller tripods that typically sacrifice sturdiness for size and weight. However, Peak Design thinks that they might have found the solution in the form of the Travel Tripod.

This is a tripod that the company envisions photographers bringing it with them on their trips. They have redesigned it so that it takes up less space when it is folded up, but yet it features the strength and sturdiness where it will be able to hold up full-frame DSLR camera bodies with telephoto lenses attached to it.

The company claims that when compacted, the Travel Tripod is said to be half the size of a typical travel tripod. It will also be relatively light at 1.56 kg for the aluminum version, and 1.27 kg for the carbon fiber model. It will also come with the usual tripod attachments and features. That being said, it does not come cheap. The Travel Tripod is currently on Kickstarter where the base model is priced at $289, or $479 for the carbon fiber model.

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