By now, many have heard that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been officially delayed in order for Samsung to fix the durability issues that were found with the phone. It was expected that the delay wouldn’t take that long, but now according to reports from Korean media outlets, there is a chance it might take longer than we had previously expected.

According to the reports from outlets such as Yonhap and The Korea Herald, they are citing anonymous industry sources who are telling them that we shouldn’t hold our breath for a launch next month. Now, to be fair, Samsung never really promised when the phone would be available for purchase again, but the company’s statements seemed to suggest that they could announce something soon.

If the reports are true, then it could probably come later in the year. The reports are also claiming that this is because stabilizing the hardware quality is taking longer than expected, and that Samsung would also need to recertify the handset for use with mobile networks, which could also add to its delay.

In the meantime, retailers like Best Buy have since cancelled all pre-orders of the handset instead of waiting for Samsung to eventually settle on a new release date.

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