If you’re the type of person who loves falling asleep to music, you might be interested to learn that after years, Spotify for Android has finally been updated where it now comes with a built-in sleep timer. This feature is pretty straightforward as its name suggests, where Android users can now set a sleep timer which will stop the music playback once the timer is up.


As we said, this feature seems to have been a long time coming. This is because the iOS version of Spotify already has the feature, so it is unclear why it took Spotify this long to introduce it to Android. Previously, Android users had to turn to third-party apps in order to achieve a similar effect, but naturally having a native built-in function is always much preferred, especially since it will work right out of the door.

The feature is accessible from the overflow menu and users can choose to stop music playback after the current song ends, or after 5 minutes, or up to an hour. This will be useful if you like falling asleep to music but don’t want to keep the music playback going when you’re already sleeping or if you’d rather not disturb others if you’re using it with a speaker. The updated Spotify should already be available for download so head on over to the Play Store to get your hands on the latest version of the app.

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