We all learn in different ways, some are visual learners, some are more book learners, some are naturally gifted, while others might take longer to understand a concept. This is why teachers have such a hard job because what they try to teach their students might not necessarily be understood by all of them.


This is where AI might come in handy, where according to work done by researchers at Dartmouth College, they have developed a machine learning algorithm that can measure activity across your brain that can show how well your brain understands a certain concept. This can be immensely useful for teachers and educators who can then try to tweak lessons and improve on them to ensure that students can understand the concepts better.

While this sounds exciting, don’t expect to see brain scanners in schools anytime soon. This is because the research is still in the early stages and is only focused more on STEM learning. This means that it is unclear how our brain scans might be different from learning one subject to another, especially if they are different topics like art and science.

In any case, it does sound like an interesting and exciting prospect and shows some potential of how tech can help improve our education system.

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