The Apple Watch has never come with an integrated camera and it’s unclear if it ever will. However, a recently discovered patent suggests that Apple has toyed with the idea of allowing people to take pictures from their wrist. One of the solutions it dreamt up involved putting a camera inside the Apple Watch’s band.

The patent describes that the “optical sensor” would be placed in one end of the flexible strap so that users could twist and turn it to capture the photograph without having to get their wrist all contorted.

So the strap can easily be pulled up to take a picture of what’s in front of the user or back on itself simply to take a selfie. The patent also envisages a band with two cameras in opposing optical directions so that it’s possible to take photos with either side of the band. When it’s not being used, the camera could easily be tucked away on the band itself.

It wouldn’t have been the first implementation of such an idea, it was something that we saw on the Samsung Galaxy Gear many years ago. Whether Apple ends up doing it is another matter altogether. A mere patent does not guarantee that this will ever see the light of day.

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