If you thought Tesla’s dashboard display was crazy, wait till you see what Byton has dreamt up for its M-Byte electric crossover. The company has released some images of the crossover’s interior and it shows a massive 48 inch display which spans across the whole length of the dashboard. Think of it like a tablet on steroids.


Surprisingly, the 48 inch display isn’t the only screen inside the car. As if there just wasn’t enough screen, Byton also put a 7 inch tablet in the steering wheel for the driver as well as an 8 inch Central Touchpad between the front seats.

The 48 inch monstrosity is actually called a Shared Experience Display and it’s not actually completely touchscreen as there are some physical buttons as well. They include a home button and an up/down switch to move through the screen. The front passenger can also control the Shared Experience Display using the Touch Pad placed in the center while also control other aspects like the climate control and seats.

Byton last showed off the concept for this car at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in January. It has made some changes to the UI since as well with it now feature more integration with Amazon Alexa. It’s certainly going to be a unique product when it arrives.

Byton says that the car will arrive in Beijing showrooms by the fall this year. That’s also when the M Byte is expected to arrive in the United States. The United Kingdom and markets in central Europe will get it a bit later.

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