At the moment 4K is slowly becoming the standard in which monitors and displays are being sold at, however, there are some companies who are pushing the boundaries by creating 8K displays. We reckon that it might be a while before 8K becomes widely adopted, although there are probably some professionals in the industry who could benefit from higher resolution screens.

The good news is that the Video Electronics Standards Association has announced that they plan on introducing an update to its DisplayPort standard where they will be updating it to DisplayPort 2.0. Naturally this will bring about some changes to the standard, most notably will be the fact that the new standard will support 8K displays.

In addition to 8K displays, it will see an increase in bandwidth, higher refresh rates, and HDR support at higher resolutions, and also improved support for multiple display setups. We imagine that it might be a while before the masses will need to use DisplayPort 2.0, but at least the standard will be there for those who do.

It will be supported over USB-C connectivity, which was kind of one of the points about USB-C to begin with, but it will also support the standard DisplayPort connector for manufacturers who aren’t quite ready to hop on board the USB-C bandwagon just yet.

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